Monday, 16 March 2020:

Dear Diners

Following the President’s state address yesterday, we recognise that it’s our responsibility as an industry to take the COVID-19 precautionary measures extremely seriously, for the continued welfare of our guests & staff.

As a small, family-owned bistro that is responsible for the employment of 18 staff members, we will remain open for business until further notice.

We've put the following measures in place so that guests who choose to dine with us can feel assured that they are as safe as possible from the potential risk of infection:

  • We urge all guests who have a) travelled to identified risk zones in the past 21 days b) who have had close or casual contact with someone infected with COVID-19 c) who have experienced symptoms congruent with COVID-19 to please postpone/cancel their bookings with us immediately
  • All international guests will also be proactively contacted to reschedule or cancel their bookings
  • We have limited bookings to 45 pax per night & have arranged tables to allow for more space between diners
  • Menus offered to guests will be discarded after each use to avoid possible contamination
  • We will continue to implement our existing, stringent hygiene protocols, & new safety measures have been added to mitigate further risk, including the immersion of all cookware, crockery & cutlery into scalding water prior to use
  • All surfaces such as tables, stair railings, door handles etc. will be frequently disinfected
  • Staff will be regularly screened
  • Grub & Vine’s Vine Nights have been cancelled until further notice
  • The Chef’s Studio’s scheduled events will proceed as planned, subject to further notice
  • We urge all guests to follow the Control & Prevention protocols (no handshakes/hugging/touching of face and practising frequent hand washing etc.)
  • Up until now, Grub & Vine and the Chef’s Studio have employed an industry-driven, water-conservation practise whereby the retention of cutlery was encouraged. This will change with immediate effect, and all cutlery will now be replaced between courses

Those who wish to postpone their bookings to a future date may do so, while those who decide to cancel their bookings will receive a full refund on their deposit should these cancellations be made today. If a future cancellation is made less than 24 hours ahead of the scheduled date, our normal cancellation policy will apply. Please email for more information.

We urge South Africa to act responsibly and abide by the guidelines put in place for our own safety.

In the words of our President: "If we act together, if we act now, and if we act decisively, we will overcome it.”

Yours sincerely,

Chef Matt Manning

Quick bites

We appreciate that there will be guests who would like to dine out but may want to limit their time spent in public. Therefore, we have made our new Snack Menu available for those in search of a quick bite, for both lunch & dinner in our Green Room and our neighbouring wine bar, Frogitt & Vonkel.

Our normal 2, 3 or 5-course menu will be available in Grub & Vine’s main dining room, and our lunchtime special (2-courses for R195) will still apply.

What you can do to support our local industry

While citizens all across the globe are encouraged to stay at home in an effort to mitigate the spread of the disease, there’s no denying that many small businesses in the service industry are set to take a knock, which will have a devastating effect on our economy.

Please consider supporting your local industry through the following:

  • Should you choose to dine out, please act responsibly & follow the safety precautions outlined
  • Purchase from small, local businesses as far as possible - support your community!
  • Explore private dining options for small family gatherings, as well as home catering & local meal delivery services
  • Consider purchasing gift vouchers for dining experiences in the future (please email to inquire about our gift voucher offering)
  • Avoid the online sharing of false or unverified information. It’s important to be informed & aware, but please do not promote undue fear-mongering